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All Rhodes Lead To This…

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Rhodes House was the glorious backdrop for this wondrous shoot featuring Zahavit Tshuba’s stunningly sexy creations and the Just Gorgeous Hair concepts. The team of stylists, models and make-up marvels arrived in their chariots, ablaze with desire for what was to follow…

Euphoria Couture was set up in one corner of the wood-lined hall; pearls and glitz spilling from martini glasses. Earrings loosely displayed, naturally curving into their desired shapes on the library ledge.

Trace along the outline of the hall to meet Powder & Glow’s creative Caroline Ort. A plethora of make-up brushes, powders and creams. Caroline had all of the necessary products and skills to enhance the already obvious beauty of each muse for the day. Just opposite was the Just Gorgeous Hair team, Tallulah and I, armed with enough hair spray to hold the biggest back-combed bridal creation.


Warm welcomes and pleasantries were shared and then everyone set down to business; hair and make-up each taking a model to preen. Dresses were to be steamed after their long journey from Tel Aviv as Kate Hopewell-Smith and Craig Fleming took their gifted eyes around the grounds of Rhodes House soon to be faced with the difficult task of narrowing down the numerous nooks and crannies to a select few scenes where they would be placing the models to be drenched in natural light and shine like the stars that they were that day.

Tiffany Saunders was Oxford’s answer to Twiggy and Rachel Hayton was the angel from the north.

There were three costume changes throughout the day for each of the models; each new dress was equally as glamorous as the last with all six of them taking the breath of every team member both on the rail and on the svelte curves of the ladies.

As the hair styles changed and the shoot began to reach it crescendo we took to the historical paths of Oxford’s back-streets and the well-known cobbles surrounding the Camera. We all donned our coats to brave the harsh overcast conditions that the climate had to offer. Upon reaching the desired destinations Kate took Rachel to strut her stuff and Craig took Tiffany to pose and think of warm thoughts finally bringing the two perished professionals back together for one last momentary capture of allure and beauty before wrapping the shoot and wrapping up warm!


This was reprinted with permission from Just Gorgeous Hair

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